This was probably one of my favorite birthdays ever because I got to spend my day with my friends and maybe this will be my last birthday in the Philippines (for the meantime). When you’re growing old, birthdays doesn’t excite you anymore. I am really becoming a “tita”. So for this year before I become a full-pledged tita, I wanted my birthday to be like a children’s party and since I’m going ga-ga with BT21 and chimmy so why not give it a try?

Me and my friends (Tasha and Anlo) stayed at The Malayan Plaza at Ortigas over the weekend. They cooked my favorite dishes Japchae, Crabs, Shrimps, Scallops and many more. Super thankful to have friends who cooks <3. They surprised me with a balloon toooo. All of my friends knew that balloons makes me happy! I even don’t know why but maybe a 5-year old me is still here somewhere inside me.


It was really a chimmy-inspired partyyyyyy! 🙂


I also got surprise guests!!! (Maui and Hannah) I was really surprised! hahaha


and my little star of the night: Olivia! ~ love you baby O!


Crazy fun night, I will never forget. Thank you guys for making this possible! I love youuuuuu!!! 26 years old and still a kiddie at heart!


Much love,



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