Baguio Escapade (with former workmates)

Last July 5, I got a call from my former workmates that they were going to Baguio and they want to include me on the list. I gladly accepted because I also miss them and I want to unwind during that time. We were so excited because we’re gonna stay at my boss’ rest house.

We left Manila at around 1am and arrived at 6am. We were so exhausted during the road trip so we sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeept a little longer. And then when we finally woke up it was around 10am and we started to dress up. We went to Mines View, Good Shepherd, Botanical Garden and Night Market.




The best part was…


A bunch of crazyyyy people! hahaha. During our last day.DSCF5481DSCF5484DSCF5485DSCF5486DSCF5487DSCF5498DSCF5503DSCF5511DSCF5515DSCF5516

And that’s it. 24 hours in Baguio. The best weekend so far 🙂 a lot of love teams were formed also. lol. But what happens in Baguio will stay in Baguio! Hope to see you again fam!

 Much love,


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