“I’ll be home for Christmas”

Nothing beats Christmas in the Philippines, the fact that you are with your loved ones, there’s a lot of good food, best company, parties everywhere, solemnity, etc. For the past 5 years, I wasn’t able to spend this day with my family because of work, most of the time I spent it in the hospitals with colleagues and patients. 

But for this year, I spent some time in my hometown, Olongapo, with my family. This also served as my last Christmas in the Philippines for the meantime because I’ll be spending some time outside the country to work and fulfill my dreams. 

I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! Thank you for being with me for 5 months in this blog. Thank you for giving me strength whenever I don’t know what to write sometimes. I promise to put a lot of efforts in making a blog posts and itineraries in my upcoming trips. And I hope to see you in (at least) one of them!


and of course, my Christmas Cupcakes 




Much love, 


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