I’m Ready For You, 2019!

There’s a lot to be thankful for the year 2018. 

January - Fresh start. New opportunities. 
          Same goal. Different approach. 

February - I finally took some courage to get an exam 
           again for the last time.(my 8th time)

March - I passed my exam! (wish granted).

April - I finally got to see Tokyo, Japan! Dream come true!

May - This was the busiest month ever - went to Iloilo to 
      accompany my mom, finally back in Korea for 2 weeks,  and 
      got to spend time with my family in Hong Kong.

June - My Chimmy-inspired birthday party.

July - www.almiradventures.com debuted.

August - Finished with all of my papers. The countdown had 
         finally begun.

September - My childhood dream came true, to visit Taiwan and 
            the filming locations of my favorite drama, Meteor 

October - Quality time in Singapore with my friends.

November - Decision letter arrived after months of waiting and 
           my contract was given to me. 

December - FAMILY TIME.

2018 gave me strength to pursue my vocation, it gave me hope,  it taught me to open up with people, it taught me to love myself more. There’s a lot of things I want to explore and learn for this year 2019. I hope I can make this year a better version once again. 

Some pics from NYE with my family:


(I was sick during NYE so I didn’t had the chance to capture photos of my NYE cupcakes and Blueberry cheesecake)

 Much love, 



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