Drogheda, My New Home

Last February 15, I finally arrived in Ireland after a 20-hour flight. I rode the Turkish Airlines for the first time and it was great actually. Also had a little layover in Turkey before going to Dublin. 

My Chimmy essentials:



Hello Turkey!IMG_2707IMG_2719

Then after a 13-hour flight from Manila to Turkey, it’s time to go to Dublin – 4 hours time travel!


Chimmy got to see Ireland!!! Dream come true!IMG_2732IMG_2737

I won’t go any details in this post but I’d like to share photos from my new home, new friends and new everything. I’m still adjusting to #EuropeLife and it’s just a week since I’ve been here and I’m loving everything in this place already. I hope I can adapt more to the changes in terms of food (specifically) because rice is NOT the staple food here and we, Asians, are so fond of rice in every meal.



St. Peter’s ChurchIMG_2897IMG_2933

St. Laurence GateIMG_2855received_555247638289335


and my dream hospital 🙂 IMG_3204


Me eating rice at 4 AM20190218_06380820190218_165940.jpg20190218_175705DSCF9004DSCF9008IMG_2901IMG_2903IMG_2908IMG_2926IMG_2970IMG_2993IMG_3004IMG_3086IMG_3137IMG_3173IMG_3205IMG_3217





A long way to go ~ but I’m super grateful that I’m finally here. Been dreaming of this since forever. I can’t wait to explore more, meet new friends, and strive more towards my goals. Okay, so I need to end this short post and enjoy my Irish cuppa teaaa ♥

Much love,



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