Cliffs of Moher

It’s been months since I last updated this blog because I haven’t really started traveling yet since moving here in Ireland. A few months ago, I booked a tour at Paddywagon for my birthday weekend and this will be the start of my travel adventures again. 

So why did I chose Cliffs of Moher for my birthday? Simple. It’s just that back when I was in the Philippines, I have a feel-good movie (whenever I’m stressed at work, I need to watch this movie to feel better) entitled LEAP YEAR. Since then I pursue to work in Ireland because I fell in love with Ireland, Irish people and Irish accent (omg!). There was a scene when Declan proposed to Anna in the cliffs and being a hopeless romantic, I hope someone proposes to me in that way too. HAHAHA! Well for several years, I thought that the cliff in that movie is the “Cliffs of Moher” but I was wrong because little did I know, there are several cliffs in Ireland. Still, I enjoyed my birthday tour and it was really lovely even though it rained that day! 


Just book a day tour at PADDYWAGON – Cliff of Moher for a hassle-free tour



See the pictures below:


My bestie came to visit me in Ireland 🙂 1st travel together!20190623_10444620190623_104411

The CLIFFFFFFSSSSSSSS!!!!20190623_12153520190623_12151520190623_12434920190623_12231220190623_12230320190623_12283620190623_12444220190623_12454520190623_13082620190623_13132320190623_13152620190623_13154220190623_132501

The little cliffs!20190623_14593820190623_14594620190623_15005520190623_15020020190623_131418

IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!!! The last picture says it all. 

Much love,


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