Pandemic: Coronavirus

As we all know, this pandemic is taking a toll on our lives today. I won’t further tell you what was this about, how do we get it, and what’s the action plan. By now, you already heard the news- the media about it and how is it affecting the whole world and surely you are already stressed about it. But I believe that everything will fall back into its place soon. AND- I- CAN’T- WAIT- TOO

As a traveler, I know the feeling of canceled plans, canceled flights and so on. I myself experienced that also because I was supposed to go home to the Philippines after a year of living in Ireland but I can’t and I don’t have a choice but to abide by the rules of the government. This will be over soon anyway. So don’t worry about your upcoming trips, you’ll gonna get there once all of this subsides. 

As a healthcare worker, PLEASE COOPERATE when the government tells you to STAY AT HOME, it’s for your own’s safety too so that it will help lessen the transmission of the virus.  We, frontliners, cannot stay at home even if we wanted too because we have responsibilities to save lives. Of course, we are scared too because we’re the ones who are at high risk of getting infected but it is our job to keep you safe. So please be healthy for us 🙂

I ask you to PRAY for everyone, may all the sick be healthy again, that the cure will be available to all of us, and may this world be livable again. 


P.S Will finally write about my adventures in United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Denmark, and France.

(credits to all the owners of the pictures)

Much love,


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