About Me


I really don’t know where should I start or what should I say. All I know is that we have the same interest which is travelling, right? or maybe anything related to K-world!

Hi! I’m Almira Ong from the Philippines. 26 years old and a registered nurse. Aside from that I’m also a baker and a multilingual student (currently a Korean language student). I’ve been travelling solo since 2017 and that changes my whole perspective of the world.

So why did I chose being a solo traveler?

Simple. I want to know how far can I go… sounds like a piece from Moana 🙂 But seriously, the reason why is that I want to know more about my self and my capabilities, I want to grow as a person, I want to live in the moment, I want to experience a thrilling ride, I want to learn new languages, I want to meet new people and be friends with them ~ I want to be a citizen of the world!

I made this blog to share with you my experiences and to remind you that you too can have the best of both worlds! Working for your vocation while fulfilling your passion. So yes, I will meet you on the other side of the world!


Much love,